Title: Toddler Hugging Teddy Bear
Photographer: Jamie Grill

This photograph is a good example of someone being happy. In the photograph the little girl is smiling while hugging her teddy bear. I chose this photograph to show someone happy because for one the little girl is smiling, but also because the entire picture gives a happy mood. This is because the light in the photo is bright and colorful. This is why I chose this as a photo of a happy girl.

Title: Retired mature woman sitting with a glass of water
Photographer: Henrik Sorensen

This photograph is a good example of a good person. This women seems to be like a good person because we usually think that most all old people are good. Also she just seems nice and approachable by the way she's acting. I also like this photo because she's the main focus, and the background works well in the picture. This is why I chose this photograph to represent a good person.

Tile: Man with face half lit
Photographer: Vitally Plister
I chose this photograph to show somebody with a secret. I think this shows someone with a secret because the man seems to be hiding in the darkness from his past. Also he seems like he has a secret because of the way his emotions are; in the picture he is serious. I like this photo because of the value between light and dark in the photo. This is why this man represents a person with a secret.

Title: Young girl cries as she stands in her crib
Photographer: Joel Sartore

I chose this photograph to represent a sad person. I think this represents someone sad because in the photo the little girl's face shows her crying. Also this shows she is sad because she seems to be throwing a tantrum in the photo. I like this picture because of how the photographer blurred the background. This is why this picture shows a child who is sad.

Title: Teenage boy wearing a spiked color
Photographer: Charles Kogod

This photograph represents a bad person. I think this teen is bad because of his face expressions. His eyes are pointed down making him look angry, and his mouth has a slight smile making it seem like he did something bad that he's happy about. Also the spiked collar he's wearing makes him seem bad because we usually compare spiked collars to mean dogs and people. This is why I think this photograph represents someone bad.