Photography Quiz

Source: Getty Images
Title: Rose Blossom
Author: Dean Forbes
Date: Unknown

I chose this image because I enjoy looking at pictures of flowers, and this picture makes me think about new beginnings when I look at it. I also like how this photo shows only one main rose that has blossomed and then just a stem of buds ready to bloom. Another reason why I chose this picture is because I like the way the photographer mainly focused on the blossomed rose, and the rest of the stem, and then blurred out the background. Lastly, I think the lighting is perfect for the picture because it shows the flower perfectly, it’s not too dark or too light, and the sun shinning on the flower is a nice touch.

11/29/11 Homework


Title: Outside
Photographer: Michal Rovner
I chose this image because when I first saw it, it caught my eye. I like the darkness of the photo and how the image looks fuzzy. I also liked how the photographer made the shed all black and the background look its normal color, because it makes the house look creepy. Lastly, I like this photo because of the lighting the photographer used. Instead of making it bright, he made it dark wish made the picture more interesting to look at because it makes it suspicious. This is why I chose this photograph.